Downloads Component

The Downloads component takes care of downloading data. It communicates with the domain component to figure out what to download and what to ignore. It uses the mass downloader from obspy to query databases.


class lasif.components.downloads.DownloadsComponent(communicator, component_name)[source]

Component dealing with the station and data downloading.

  • communicator – The communicator instance.

  • component_name – The name of this component for the communicator.

download_data(event: str, providers: Optional[List[str]] = None)[source]

Download data using the obspy mass downloader

  • event (str) – Name of event

  • providers (List[str], optional) – List of providers, defaults to None

generate_restrictions(starttime: obspy.core.utcdatetime.UTCDateTime, endtime: obspy.core.utcdatetime.UTCDateTime, ds: dict)[source]

Create a restriction criterion for the mass downloader


Restrictions to download request